5 Easy Steps to a Completely Productive Day

Stressed Out!
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Ever have a day where you felt completely useless? Totally, right? For the most part, that is OK…I mean…there is always tomorrow. Or is there? Isn’t that what I said yesterday? Or was that last week?

If that sounds like you, then I have a solution for you. Step back from the spot light, desk, kitchen or whatever duty you have to do right now for a complete minute and take a breather — even if you are not anxiously stressed or about to have a panic attack. If you are, take a day off because chances are you might end up in the ER and be forced to take a day off anyway.

The first thing to having a complete day is will power. How much do you really want to do it? That comes through motivation, which can prove difficult, especially considering we all have to work and make a living, etc. So, think about the things you enjoy and how much fun they will be once you complete your tasks at hand and have a complete day.

Secondly, while in that moment when you are taking a breather, grab a piece of paper and pen and write down everything that you need to do that day and when they must be done. If you are one of those that doesn’t write things down, then draw it, put it in your phone, or have something that represents that thing to you. It is fun to be creative sometimes and that alone might relieve some stress for you.

Now the third thing to do is prioritize that list you made and check it twice! Prioritizing your tasks based off their deadlines is best, obviously, but also prioritize them by how much you would rather do one over the other. In other words, make the first thing you do be the easiest for you and the second the hardest or least likely one you would rather do. Keep that pattern in the list (alternating from easy to hard), and you are more than likely to get through the list in a timely fashion.

The next important thing in getting your tasks done is manage your expectations. Don’t have any when completing a task! If you expect to finish one task in a exact manner and time and don’t, and then get held up trying to finish another task, then that expectation messes up the rest of the day. Expect only one thing: to finish the task. That is, to get it done. Life is full of surprises and is almost never perfect. C’est la vie!

Last, but not least, use technology only when necessary while completing a task unless the task itself requires technology. Although technology claims to makes things easier, sometimes it actually can make them harder, and unless you are an IT or computer wiz, you will most likely struggle. The simpler you make the task, the more likely you are to get it done.

Let us review:

  1. Will power.
  2. Make the list.
  3. Prioritize, not only by deadlines but by how much you are willing to do them.
  4. Manage expectations: have none and concentrate on finishing the task alone.
  5. Use technology only when necessary to complete the task.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you feel complete. If you don’t finish everything, it is OK. There is always tomorrow. Think about the positives and the tasks you did complete! Nothing matters more in the world than you. With that attitude, you can find the will power to get anything done. Take care of yourself and your tasks will be easier to take care of as well.

Mike "Aloha" Davis is a traveler/adventurer at heart - mind, body and spirit. Grown up all throughout the US of A. Experiences as a chef for four years, an activist for 5, and ever learning human being for 24.

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