Can you cultivate successful creativity?

Cultivate creative business
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Michael Hyatt seems to think so:

Some creatives with marginal talent become successful and others with extraordinary talent never really make it. I think the determining factor is to be found in how they think. Successful creatives think differently than unsuccessful ones. This is evident in seven ways.

Read more about the seven ways to become a successful creative here.

My take: I have come to realize that the old adage — it’s not what you know but who you know — is so true that a lot of people overlook it as a key to success. That’s why Hyatt’s point #4 is so critical. It’s not enough to be creative on your own. You need to find ways to blend your creativity with others. The self-centered diva mindset only gets you so far and then you begin to discover that your career is tanking and nobody really cares. The people that are successful year in, year out, over the long haul — they’ve mastered the art of two-way relationship and egalitarian leadership.

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