Need a virtual fax machine? gives you one…for free

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Even though the technology of sending and receiving faxes is centuries old in “Internet” time, it nevertheless is still used in a lot of business-to-business communication. The problem is that most of us young whippersnappers simply refuse to buy a standalone fax machine.

Enter FaxLine, a new service by local ISP Anyone who is a customer can sign up for the new service (currently part of Sonic’s “labs” tools) and get a dedicated phone line to receive faxes via one or more email recipients. And the price of admission is…free.

That is, unless you want more than one fax line, then you’ll need to pay $4.95 a month. But I think for most of us, even one fax line we can use to send and receive via the web and email is quite enough.

So if that legal contract is sitting there in your document folder and you’re one step away from landing your next big customer, don’t walk, run to your Member Tools screen at and sign up for FaxLine. Or you could just do what I’ve been doing all along and shoot over an email with an attachment. I guess it all depends on how old-school your customer is.

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