Free Agent Academy: a School & Community for Self-Employment

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The Free Agent Academy is not just any academy. It is an online school and community for those willing to be self-employed. A self learning academy? Yes, Free Agent Academy is designed to give you the skill set to have a successful business via an online medium at your pace.

Its personable style and straightforward attitude really gets your mind working. Professional teachers and dynamic courses offer a solid foundation for joining the free agent movement and finding your path to success. Free Agent Academy also believes in future education and rejoining their team after taking classes and succeeding in the self-employment business. Just what any community building business would be looking for.

From ongoing workshops to camping in Colorado for a special event, Free Agent Academy offers it all. Blogs, detailed descriptions of their staff, events like camping and picnics and, course details are available on the Free Agent Academy website. With all that information, Free Agent Academy is still always learning, growing and providing the most neat and professional vision for this market.

Free Agent Academy has a full course outline to get you on your feet making business happen. Here is an idea of the course outline:


  1. CALLING – “The Glory of Your Life”
  2. YOU – “Discover My Best Focus”
  3. IDEA – “Find Your Fit”
  4. BRAND – “Core Branding Course”
  5. ROADMAP – “Simple Strategic Plan”
  6. MARKETING – “Expose Yourself”
  7. ONLINE – “Foundation & Strategy”


  1. Coaching ~ include up to 29 sessions
  2. Sales ~ includes 7 sessions

With help from your professors you will be your own proprietor in no time. Free Agent’s mission is simple. To get your dreams to come true. Make you successful in your business plans. They quote themselves as having what is takes to be a “… true self-employment school. It’s a ‘whole life’ approach for one reason, and one reason only: This is what it takes to succeed in successful self-employment.”

The next question now is what does it all cost? There are two main options. The courses and professors work at your pace. One option charges $125.00 a month. The quicker and more efficient you are, the more economical it is for you. At the same time you can take your time and learn at your pace. The other option is a three month course with the founder giving you 9 personal consolations. This costs about $2200 and is quite a valued course from a very successful entrepreneur.

Free Agent Academy was founded by Kevin Miller. Just a man dedicated and passionate about what he is doing. For the last two years he has empowered himself to revolutionize self-employment through blogs and video shows. Promotion through media is something Kevin has used to build up the success of Free Agent Academy.

Now, Kevin has an entire website and online school promoting self success. With his wife and 7 children, Kevin lives up top a mountain in his abode working on promoting the self for others to thrive and live happy lives. Constantly networking and following through with his students, Kevin is creating a network of a community of self-employment in our current system of employment. Not a bad idea in our current economic situation.


Free Agent Academy
School & Community for the aspiring and flourishing self-employed
10955 Grenadier Drive
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Kevin Miller, CEO
Brenda Dunaga, Chief FAA Maximizer
Alan Jackson, Chief FAA Host
Chuck Bowen, Co-founder of FAA

Mike "Aloha" Davis is a traveler/adventurer at heart - mind, body and spirit. Grown up all throughout the US of A. Experiences as a chef for four years, an activist for 5, and ever learning human being for 24.

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  1. I just happened to search ‘free agent academy’ via google and the first picture that showed up under ‘images’ was from this blog. I wasn’t even aware of your coverage Mike. Thank you. How did you come to know of us?

    Kevin Miller on January 25, 2012 as 10:22 am
  2. Attending FAA
    New to blogging world but learning.

    I was encouraged to not start my web site but..

    I kept (this) my first web site and learned my first lesson… Back Up Your content !

    Still learning !

    Jonathan Brown on January 28, 2012 as 5:49 pm
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