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Carbon-based Startup, aka New Baby!


Jared White, our Editor-in-Chief, is currently attending to his latest startup — a new baby!

Glorianna Talia Amara White was born at home on October 5 at 4:55pm, weighing 5 lb., 6 oz. She and Mama are doing very well and resting as much as possible!

Jared expects to be back at the editor’s desk later this week, and the future of North Bay Startup will begin to roll out throughout the month of October. See you then!

North Bay Startup has moved to a new office

Woot! North Bay Startup and its sister company Siteshine recently moved into our brand new office at 500 North Main Street in downtown Sebastopol, CA. It’s a shared co-working space run by Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project, an initiative sponsored by the Sebastopol City Council that is geared towards supporting new startups and entrepreneurs (hence the name). We are very excited to be here — not only for the cool office space to work in, but to support the efforts of SEP as their vision and ours are very much in alignment.
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Need a virtual fax machine? gives you one…for free


Even though the technology of sending and receiving faxes is centuries old in “Internet” time, it nevertheless is still used in a lot of business-to-business communication. The problem is that most of us young whippersnappers simply refuse to buy a standalone fax machine.

Enter FaxLine, a new service by local ISP Anyone who is a customer can sign up for the new service (currently part of Sonic’s “labs” tools) and get a dedicated phone line to receive faxes via one or more email recipients. And the price of admission is…free.
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Get out of the office and enjoy the natural beauty of the North Bay


Working in the North Bay must be a little like working in Hawaii. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the 9-5-in-the-office routine when the great outdoors is right there beckoning to you! I don’t know about you, but there are days when I’m ready to fold up my laptop, put on a pair of hiking boots, and head for the hills.

Well, if that sounds like a great idea, you’ll want to check out BayTrek Adventures. Yes, it’s a company that caters to folks visiting the Bay Area — in their own words: “BayTrek wants to get tourists out of lines and into nature” — but who said we can’t pretend to be tourists now and then? It’s funny how sometimes we only enjoy the area we live in whenever we have friends visiting from out of town and they’re ready for The Tour.
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Co-working space in Sebastopol hosts opening reception

modern office interior

Since posting my editorial about the ideal co-working space and the need for some good ones here in Sonoma County, I’m pleased to say there’s already some progress being made. Most notably, the Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project (SEP), which is a non-profit corporation sponsored by the Sebastopol city council and other leaders in the community, has now opened a co-working space in Sebastopol and is actively seeking members and business participation.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can attend the SEP’s “Open for Business Reception” on Thursday, September 8, at 6:30pm through 8:00pm. It will be held at the O’Reilly Media building on Gravenstein Hwy (116). The point person for SEP is Kathleen Shaffer, who will be attending.

The co-working space is located on 500 North Main in Sebastopol, across from Safeway in the lower level Methodist Church offices.

We’ll be featuring additional coverage on this topic shortly, so stay tuned!

New TurboViewer Pro brings capable CAD drawing viewer to iPhone & iPad


IMSI/Design, a global leader in retail CAD (Computer Aided Design) and makers of TurboCAD, today announced the release of TurboViewer Pro for the iOS platform. A privately-held company headquartered in Novato, CA, IMSI/Design has carved out a solid niche in a CAD industry dominated by the 800-pound gorilla, AutoCAD.

The company states that TurboViewer Pro is the first and only native DWG viewer that supports both 2D and 3D DWG files for the iOS platform. DWG is the most commonly used file format for drawings and is the native format of AutoCAD. The app provides multi-touch navigation to pan, zoom, and orbit around DWG and DXF files, which you can import into TurboViewer Pro via email attachments, Web downloads, FTP, Dropbox and WebDav.

Rendering options include wireframe, hidden line, x-ray, and several types of shading, along with layer management, and it boasts fast 2D and 3D performance.

Currently available on the iOS App Store for $9.99, TurboViewer Pro also comes with a free companion app to let you try out the basic functionality of the software.

Only time will tell if TurboViewer Pro on iOS will become a prominent tool in the hands of architects, engineers, and other pro CAD users. AutoCAD WS is Autodesk’s mobile solution at present but its limitations offer an obvious opening to competing products such as TurboViewer Pro.