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Blast from the Past, or, 5 Turnaround Leadership Lessons from Steve Jobs

Think Different - Steve Jobs

Call me a fanboy, but I’ve been going through old keynotes and product announcements by Steve Jobs from the 1997-2000 era. In this current era of Apple-dominated mobile devices and next-generation computing, it’s hard to remember when Apple was on the brink of collapse and Jobs was just beginning to help turn the ship around. How did he do it? Was it a sudden burst of genius on his part once he arrived on the scene? Or had the stage been set for much longer?

Here are 5 things I’ve discovered about Jobs from that era that explain why Apple is now so phenomenally successful:
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10 Ways for Entrepreneurs and Startups to Research for Success

Research Your Community

Research, research, research! If there’s anything I’ve learned in years of doing business, it’s this: you can’t be too well-informed, but you can certainly be ill-informed!

Many experts will tell you that your main focus when thinking of starting a business should be to write a business plan, which in many cases consists of meticulous number crunching and analysis of your competition. Balderdash! I subscribe to the 37signals’ “Rework” philosophy that planning is guessing, so that’s a whole lot of work based on a whole lot of guessing. And reality trumps guessing every time.

So what do I mean when I talk about research? Here’s what I mean:
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