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Code.Coffee.Cows: Never Talk About Faith and…Startups?


These are some of my personal thoughts about being a person of faith and hustling in the world of biz/tech.

At the risk of sounding like a postmodern cop-out, I don’t consider myself to be a religious person, yet I am keenly spiritual and take my faith seriously. I was raised Christian and, while I never outright rejected the faith and would be happy to admit to anyone who asked that I was a follower of Jesus, most of my teens and early 20′s I lived as a hypocrite. On the outside, sure, I seemed like I had it all together, but on the inside I was a hollow, prideful soul capitulating to my inner demons.

Various life events, some tragic, led to me go though a time of epiphany and I ended up rededicating my life to Christ. Since then, I have been more conscious of living out my life during the “daily grind” in a way that honors God and is sincere and worthwhile.
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Give Thanks! Happy Turkey Day


Every year like clockwork, on the 4th Thursday of November, we get to fly around the country, see people we would never talk to otherwise, stuff our faces, fall asleep, and then go home again afterwards. It’s this odd little American ritual called “Thanksgiving”. That’s the glass half-empty outlook anyway. Since I’m usually a glass half-full sort of fellow, I prefer to look at it differently: we get one day out of the year when it’s actually culturally expected to consider what we have to be thankful for.

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Could Loan Forgiveness Increase Startups?

Young adults

Dealing with student loans and other debts can hurt startup plans in a variety of ways. It’s not fun trying to decide whether you should put money into the business or maybe make an extra large payment toward a student loan. Though there are incredibly successful college dropouts who didn’t have big debts like Steve Jobs, college provides invaluable contacts and resources most people can’t pass up.

Thankfully, the government and a new startup accelerator are offering help. Now you have a more few options for running a new business while putting your debts behind you. Read More »

Part 2: Interview with Kathleen Shaffer, Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project

Become a Solo Video Producer with Swivl


As everyone knows by now, video is a primary medium with which to communicate to potential clients and customers, and with the explosion of online media outlets such as YouTube and Vimeo, anyone can become a video producer. But a challenge arises if you are on your own. How do you do a video shoot with yourself? The only answer is to mount your camera on a tripod — which is no easy feat if your camera is also your smartphone (as is increasingly the case). Right? Well, not anymore!

Enter Swivl. What does Swivl do? It “makes your camera follow your action” using some pretty sophisticated gadgetry.
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Part 1: Interview with Kathleen Shaffer, Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project

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